Summer Schools


Today, the importance of learning, speaking and communicating a foreign language is increasing. For this, the sooner to start studying foreign languages, the easier it is to master the language. The most effective way to learn a foreign language is to communicate with people by living the culture of that country in the country where the language is spoken.

Reform Education has identified the most distinguished and safe schools abroad. They paid attention to the fact that these schools are experienced educational institutions and selected schools that have a certificate of conformity, which are audited by the official educational institutions of their own countries. Reform Education has been sending regular students to summer schools for more than 20 years and closely follows all the changes in these schools.

The aim of participating in summer schools abroad is to learn the foreign language practiced and to gain students’ self-confidence at an early age by gaining experience abroad. The most important feature of summer schools is that they are organized for holiday purposes besides education. Schools, which generally provide their education in the morning, enrich their programs with social, sports and cultural activities for the students of the school in the afternoon. There are students from many countries of the world in summer schools. Relationships with these students help to establish friendships that will continue for a long time in their future lives. Most importantly, they can practice with these students who have their own peers to improve their foreign language. Reform Abroad Education sends a certain number of Turkish students to each center. Many Turkish students are prevented from being in a center.

The aim is to provide students with practical reinforcement of what they have learned in the classroom and socialize with students from other countries. On the weekends, it is aimed to make the students spend their time in the most efficient way by organizing trips to the historical and touristic areas close to the school. On these trips, while students are informed about the historical and cultural features of the region, they develop their foreign languages ​​by practicing and they can establish long-term friendships with students from other countries.