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january 27, 2016
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I had two language school opportunities in USA and UK with Reform Eğitim. I was aware that to speak English fluently, it is required to live and speak as it is your mother language. Also I gained the experience of living and taking decisions alone. In those two language school experiences Reform Eğitim was always with me and they supported me to improve my personality. Moreoever, now I am going to UK for my post-graduate study and Reform Eğitim was my consultant during the applications and communications with universities and also I know that they will always help me during my new journey in UK. To sum up with, I am very thankful to them for giving me the opportunity to gain a vision and improve my wisdom. King regards.



I was aware of the importance of English language education to be able to reach my dreams and be a world person and I would like to thank Reform Egitim, who gave me excellent advice on this subject. I always felt  Reform Egitim just next to me in which country, in which city, and at which language school, to get the most efficient education, not only until starting to the language school, but also during my education in London and back to İstanbul.  With my best  gratitude to them.



I had three London experience with Reform Egitim. Every time I went, I had a very nice and useful time with their attitude, helpfulness and sincerity. I had the chance to plan a rich content trip and attend activities in the carefully selected language school. Yes, London was beautiful, but it  became much better with Reform Egitim…


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